This is OUR FAULT, Not Theirs (repost by Caroline H. Hendry)

The decision has been made, the law has been set into motion…and the world is watching.

Now how will you choose to respond?

To all those who are upset with this week’s Supreme Court ruling on Same Sex marriage, I offer you this compelling post from a fellow blogger, Caroline   Please feel free to share your voice and comment below.   My personal thoughts will follow shortly.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

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This article is written to Conservative Christians.  It is written for people that oppose homosexual marriage. All others, come back tomorrow, or read on if you wish, but I am addressing those that are in opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage the law of the land. If you stop here, I hope to see you tomorrow and I love you.

To: Caroline and Conservative Christians,

If you have a problem with the Supreme Court’s decision to applaud gay marriage, if you disagree with gay flags bombarding Facebook and all other social media, if you see gay marches and shake your head, THIS IS YOUR FAULT!

Do not quote Bible verses, do not shout at them that they are sinning, do not cry that it is their fault that our morals are headed for destruction, do not yell that every TV show has its symbolic gay couple…

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3 thoughts on “This is OUR FAULT, Not Theirs (repost by Caroline H. Hendry)”

  1. Hi, my name is Gayle Harrison, I must stress that there is a HUGE difference between Church and State. And as Christians, we MUST be like Jesus, it is not for us to decide or judge, it is our job to love, accept and be kind. What did Jesus do when he met Mary? He washed her feet, he LOVED her, as should we all. “Let whom ever is without sin, cast the first stone” as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord, without judgement, or at least try my very best. I believe people should be allowed to love and “marry” whomever they choose. As I use that word, they should have the same rights as everyone else. If a Church chooses not to marry them, that would be up to that Church. Years ago a divorced person could not get married in a Church, my prayer will be that I will live to see a change.


  2. Thank you Gayle for reaching out here :). I think one issue we can take a closer look at is the “legal” versus “church” issue (or the church vs the state). There are many things in our history that were legal yet oppressive, as well as actions that were illegal but were just. I believe that we all need to stick to our convictions, that being said we need to evaluate these convictions and know with certainty from where they stem. In matters like the ones we have been forced to face as of late, we can all find ourselves guilty with aligning ourselves with our feelings loosing sight of where our convictions lie, and in turn operate in a manner where we are reacting instead of being mindful to effectively respond to others. in love – not in kind.


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