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I once had a wise friend share that we each have a public self and a private self.  I processed the truth behind that statement.  Our public self is the image we want the world to capture and our private self is honestly truly us – the good, bad and the ugly…ourselves unplugged.

I recall very early in life recognizing that I did not think like others did.  My thoughts at the very least carried far beyond the conversations that I heard around me and considered multiple perspectives for scenarios that I observed or experienced.  I knew this was different, I knew it was a gift. As a therapist I use this ability to help reach and teach others.  But I know and have known for quite a while, that I need to share beyond the four walls of my counseling office. Here you will get a glimpse of what goes on in the unfiltered recesses of my mind.  Here you will see pieces of my journey through my eyes.  I’ve learned through patient mentors that being vulnerable is not be feared but to be celebrated…so I offer you Joycy Ann Unplugged and my hope is that many of you will choose to become more unplugged and ultimately free as you progress through your journey as well.

*Joycy Ann Lacombe is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a thriving practice in South Florida.  The words and opinions are her own and are not to be used in substitution of seeking professional counseling.  She looks forward to interacting with her readers and fellow bloggers, as they respect that this site will not be used as a counseling medium.  Enjoy!

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